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Success With Dollar Stores Requires Fast Receiving of New Products

If you are seeking success with dollar stores you will soon realize the many implications of success. After all, while shoppers are eager to take advantage of the great products for such low prices, there is another side to the coin. Every time sales climb higher more items must quickly make it into your store, through the receiving process, onto the floor, and finally to the cashiers who are eagerly waiting at the checkout stations in your store. In this article we examine some of the keys to positioning your store to always have the right products waiting as eager shoppers come to make their purchases.Before we proceed however let’s acknowledge one of the most painful errors often made by those who are running a dollar store. That mistake is forgetting the need to have the right products displayed on the sales floor whenever a shopper comes into your store. Many make the mistake of assuming just because hot-selling products have been requisitioned and maybe even they have arrived, they do you no good unless they are received, priced and then placed on display. If those steps have not been taken the sad result is ‘no sale’ will be made.
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It is imperative for those seeking success with dollar stores to immediately move merchandise onto the sales floor when it arrives. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal of success with dollar stores:* Track shipments of critical merchandise and then be prepared to quickly receive, price and stock the order. Make sure it promptly gets onto the sales floor of your store.* Trained stock clerk(s) should be available for receiving, pricing and stocking newly arrived merchandise that currently have low inventory levels immediately upon receipt.* Establish a simple set of rules for receiving and stocking incoming products. Be sure this includes time limits regarding merchandise that is sitting in the receiving area of your store.
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* Never ignore the value of the money you invest in merchandise. Those running a dollar store can take that same money and earn interest or more. Don’t waste your investment by making purchases and then allowing items to sit in receiving or the back stock area of your store.* Never allow products to be ordered that will not immediately go onto the sales floor.Those running a dollar store must set guidelines around ordering replenishment merchandise, as well as the receiving and stocking of those products. Always communicate those guidelines to all employees and hold everyone accountable to them. Only then are you setting yourself up for success with dollar stores.